About Siccona

Bringing good health to the table


Siccona AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Igelosa Life Science AB. From our laboratory in southern Sweden, we study how food can prevent lifestyle related diseases and advance good health.

Our story began in 1998, when we were investigating dietary options to maintain critically ill patients in a stable condition before and after transplantation. Since then we have widened our scope. Today our mission is to better understand how food and lifestyle choices can advance good health for all people.

In order to reach out, we partner with companies that share our mission and purpose.

Igelosa Life Science is established
We initiate work on the Okinawan diet
Siccona is established
We conduct clinical studies on diabetes patients
We initiate a Nordic Okinawa Program

Our way

To obtain long-lasting lifestyle changes, including improved eating habits, you need healthier food that tastes great and looks familiar. You also need familiarity with local traditions, deep appreciation and know-how in the culinary arts as well as proven clinical experience.

We bring all this expertise and multi-disciplinary perspectives to develop food that is scientifically proven healthy, tastes great and makes the difference. We work with ingredients and products that are sustainable and develop recipes that do not compromise with optimal health benefits and taste. We bring the little extra to local culinary traditions to make local plates optimally healthy.

The ingredients that define us


Science-based knowledge and know-how


Considers individual needs and preferences


High in nutrition and fibre


Low in unnecessary calories


Optimal effect based on desired objective


Natural whole foods with minimal processing


Good and familiar taste and appearance

From lab to life

With the mission to create better and healthier food for the many, we need to reach beyond the laboratory. That is why we team up with external food companies. In such commercial collaborations, Siccona brings knowledge and scientific credibility, so that new healthy and sustainable food products can be brought to plates and tables around the world.